About Us

Sonic Ministry LLC.

Sonic Ministry LLC is a artist, production and media consortium that provides various services and opportunities for professionals in the music and entertainment industry. The Ministry can provide the components needed to produce a successful Single, EP or LP from start to finish and much more — including brand development, social media & digital marketing, and monetization that leaves clients ecstatic and reinvigorated.  

Our Story

Sonic Ministry originally was envisioned to be production conglomerate and media rights administrator. Now we aim to streamline the artist journey and maximize return for the artist and brand. With over 30 years of music industry experience, Sonic Ministry is a one-stop shop that guides artists along each process from production, branding, distribution, to social media marketing and monetization, to events.


Sonic Ministry is committed to nothing short of excellence as our core values include passion, discipline, integrity, courage and humility, and once we serve our clients, they feel as part of the family, with the knowledge that through our collaborative efforts, everyone can win and WILL win.