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Get the pro touch with our mix and mastering services which serves a variety of needs such as sonic preparation for commercial distribution, audio revitalization/restoration, album sequencing & finalization, metadata encoding, etc. When submitting your assets please be sure to send your files in the highest quality without clipping, distortion from peaking levels or over equalization. Also be sure to send "Wave" or "Aiff" audio file types at 44.1khz–96khz; 16–32bit. We reserve the right to refuse service if submitted assets do not meet a professional quality standard. Therefore all submitted assets will go through our quality assurance evaluation (QAE) process. 


Please contact us directly for audio services such as mixing and mastering, music production, film score and sound design work. Communication is important when involved in this process to be sure all demands are met, and so that also quality, schedules and submission dates are maintained. 


Audio Mixing

Need pro quality audio mixing at reasonable rates? Send us your tracks as Pro Tools or Luna sessions, or you may send individual stems/tracks.

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Audio Mastering+Metadata

Get your music ready for commercial distribution and streaming platforms with our pro quality audio mastering services.


Music, Movie Scores, Consulting

Need music for your projects? We can help with movie scores, sound design, etc. We can also help with digital distribution, crowd funding, and more.


Get a Quote

Get a free quote on mix and mastering rates for singles, full albums and e.p.'s.  Use the URL section below to provide a link to your asset submissions, and for the quality assurance evaluation (QAE) purposes of your assets. You may download our track listing sheet in the downloads section of the SM Shop to notify the engineer of your album sequencing order if needed; you may also use our metadata sheet. Please do not send unsolicited material.

Thanks for submitting!

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